Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lunar New Year

Sensei celebrated the lunar new year with Zenko Iba practitioners. He offered well-wishes and encouraged us all to relax a bit. He said that to begin the New Year by launching right into practice, drawing the yumi and shooting, was not the best idea. Better to take a bit of time and renew one's aspiration, both individually and as a group. When we take time to look within and reconnect with our inspiration, then we create a good foundation for our practice for the year to come. He also said that the old style samurai would present themselves before the Emperor at the New Year in full regalia, very upright and strong, and the main purpose in doing so was to offer their good help for the year to come. He added that we do not have to be too tight and there is no reason to pretend we are of that era and place. We are in America and the style is different. Nevertheless, the sense of presence and offering can be there. Sensei also said that his own aspiration for this year is to see the kyudo group come together with a strong, powerful bond.

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