Monday, April 18, 2011

New Addition - a message from Carolyn

Sensei says of this: "Kan in ashi bumi."

Well...we were not actively (or even inactively) looking for a dog. Kan is a one year old rescue who came to us via the gentleman who cuts our hair. On Tuesday, as we were having our haircuts, he explained the situation. He has two dogs of the same crossbreed. A friend of his bought one, then had to relocate to New York and left the dog with him in the hopes that he could find him a new home. He's been on the lookout for the right situation for the last six months, emphasizing that, although three dogs were a bit much for him, he was very taken with this animal and refused to let him go to just anyone.

Relegating the story to salon banter, I didn't give it a second thought until it resurfaced in my mind about three hours later. By six hours later, I was strangely convinced this dog belonged with us. I tentatively presented the idea to Sensei over dinner, ready to let it go if he thought otherwise. (We had discussed getting a dog about six months ago and both quickly nixed it.) He started to say 'No', then paused mid-sentence, sat quietly and said, "Maybe, very good idea."

In the car after picking him up, Sensei named him, "Kan, as in 'Kanjuro'."

He's a one-year-old schnoodle (cross between a schnauzer and a poodle) and very mellow, but playful if you want to be. He's one of the most easygoing beings I've ever met. Even our parrot instantly relaxed with him in the house. If anyone had asked me two weeks ago if I'd find having a dog more relaxing I would have said, "Are you out of your mind?" But, as it turns out, Kan is taking care of us. A real plus that, being a schnoodle, he doesn't shed at all. He is gentle inside and out, very perceptive and apparently easily trainable (a mark of this crossbreed). Also, he came with a built in anytime dogsitter, as our friend who gave him to us has said he will happily care for him whenever we are away.

Perhaps our neighbor, Matt Zimmer, said it best: "Kan's hair is the same color as Sensei's. And they have the same eyebrows."

And, about having him in the house, Sensei simply says, "Good feeling."

Kan is not actually a lap dog, but he's been pretty amenable to anything we ask.

Enjoying the deer.

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