Sunday, May 24, 2009


Shibata Sensei and Zenko Kyudojo students are slowly preparing the ground for the upcoming International Gathering starting Thursday, May 28 and ending Sunday May 31. We welcome the presence and generous help of early arrivals Stephanie Miller and Chris Begnoche.

This Sunday Sensei spoke of the history of Zenko Kyudojo, expressing his gratitude for the gift from Trungpa Rinpoche of this property where Sensei resides and where they established their first kyudo practice hall together.

He also spoke at length about "shin wa" or "the peace of the Kami". He told a bit of the story of Amaterasu Omi Kami and how the aggressive activities of her brother drove her to turn her back on the world, until she was lured from her hiding place by a beautiful dancer.

At the end of this story, he emphasized how couples traditionally do not enter the Ise shrine together. The woman goes in a little way behind the man. It is said that for couples to enter together makes the Kami jealous. Sensei questioned this a bit and said it was really more a matter of "shin wa."

He also spoke at length about World War II and some of his own history during that time, including being wounded by airplane shrapnel in China. After this, he said, "Excuse me. This sort of thing is not the speech of the kami."

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