Monday, April 6, 2009

Exciting gathering info from Alex

Dear friends,

I am happy to say that Sensei's son, Shibata XXI, will be attending both the International Gathering and the Shambhala Mountain Center Intensive in May and June. While at SMC, he will do a two day yumi-making demonstration. He will also discuss the care and repair of yumi and other equipment.

In addition, he is able to take orders for yumi to be delivered at Boulder during the Gathering. If you are interested in acquiring a yumi, you may order them by e-mail through me. There are two grades available - class yumi quality at around $600; and personal yumi quality at around $1200. More expensive yumi can also be special ordered. I strongly recommend that for a personal yumi, you should purchase the higher quality. If you need a yumi that is more than 14 kg in strength, you really should not consider the lower cost as an option.

In order to process an order, we will need the following information from you:

1. Strength (current strength and/or preference)
2. Proper ya length for the individual using it.
3. height of the person (with ya length and/or height will decide the length of yumi, either nami-sun, nisun-nobi, or yonsun-nobi)
4. kake size (or trace of the hand) to determine the size and width of the grip.
5. Which quality of yumi
6. any other request for the specification, types and color of bamboo, etc.
7. contact e-mail address.

In addition, we will require a 25% deposit. Yumi will be shipped from Japan about a week ahead of the program. Therefore, we must receive your order absolutely no later than May first.

You should plan on receiving your yumi directly from Shibata XXI in Boulder or at SMC. This is very important and will also give you the opportunity to learn how to break it in and care for it.

Yours, Alex.

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