Monday, January 19, 2009

First Shot of the year

On January 1, Zenko Kyudojo opened the New Year with a first shot ceremony. Wearing their Kyudo finest, participants prepared to shoot at a variety of festive targets ("go ko mono" - i.e. five small targets). The shooting once again reflected our tremendous dedication to non-emphasis on targets as many shots flew and our crowd of guests watched with Sensei and waited for a hit. When the first hit finally came (thank you, Scott), it was clean and clear and Sensei called it a wrap! Following the shooting, we all gathered in the dojo where Sensei sang the famous, haunting Goose Song accompanied by Yoko Hiraoka on koto, and we drank sake and ate dried squid to toast a fresh start for the New Year.

[From Carolyn Kanjuro]

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